Public Park


As part of the Central 70 Project, a 4-acre park will be constructed over I-70 and serve as an active, vibrant community asset with opportunities for sporting events, outdoor movies, concerts and farmers markets, among other events. The construction of a park is a defining feature of the lowered highway concept. The soccer fields will be a shared-use area with Swansea Elementary School but will be fully open to community use during all non-school hours. Check out what it will look like!

How did we get here?

The concept of building a park over I-70 was originally presented to the public in 2012-2013 along with the introduction of the lowered highway alternative. Between 2013-2016, the Colorado Department of Transportation worked with local residents, the City and County of Denver and Denver Public Schools to design the public space of the park. Three public workshops held in 2016 shaped the final design concept reflected to the right.